Beverage Pricing
Excellent event planners and caterers are well schooled in the fact that every event has different needs and requirements; the same is true on the beverage end.  Your beverage menu needs to be as custom designed as your venue, theme, colors and food.  Clicking on this link will let you put your arms around the different costs associated with different beverage brands that are available to you, by PDF. 
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WilliB's Caters! 
This is not news to the dozens of clients who have already used us;  they are familiar with our simple but wonderful food, our free delivery (5 entrees minimum, pre-scheduled) and our great pricing; these people come back to us again and again.  They know value, shop value, appreciate value.

Why have we not offered catering before?
If you've been in WilliB's you've seen the size of our very small kitchen and our very limited refrigeration and prep area; while eyebrows have been raised in wonder to the amount and quality of food that we can produce (along with prepping for 100 lunches daily we have handled private parties of 50 with ease), prepping for catering events over 50 takes a ton of scheduling logistics (lack of sleep).    

How are we doing it now?
With the development of our ever-growing menu it is still difficult to prepare 100 or more cold sandwiches (limited space, limited manpower) but with the right combination of hot dishes, hot sandwiches (served out of chafing dishes) and cold wraps/hoagies we have the ability to serve over one-hundred.  Please call for our catering menu. 

Besides VALUE, what makes our beverage service stand out?
Our consortium has three licenses at our disposal with as many port-a-bars meaning we can handle multiple venues simultaneously.  We are insured to $3M in liability and our servers are Safe-Serv certified.  Your beverage selection is always custom tailored to fit your event from the budget conscious to the extravagant.  Your satisfaction is never in doubt.

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