WilliB's Saloon
bunkhouse eatin'... 
fair pricin'
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directions. Open at 11am every day!

Morning Snack Take-out
9-11a.m.  Mon-Fri
10-1pm Sat-Sun

Sweet Cinnamon Toast        3.00
If you're butter or sugar conscious, don't eat these...
but if you like a sweet breakfast, this will fill you up.  Cheap.

Bacon Breakfast Tacos        3 for 5.50
Corn tortilla with bacon & melted cheddar, scrambled eggs,
Sis's cabbage pico and salsa...wow times 3!
Corned Beef Breakfast Tacos        3 for 6.50

WB's Incredible Sausage Gravy        5.50
Over flaky biscuits, if this makes you think of
Gramma and the good ole days, we've done our job

Dbl Cheese 
Philly Dip
Avocado Chicken Breast Sal w/Bacon
Full Bar!  Fantastic Food!  Local!
The-DamBest- with-No-Peer- 
Coconut Flake
Carrot Cake
in town!
Drunk Cow
Bread Puddin'
Cheesecake with Huckleberry!

Evening Menu

11am-2pm   5-7pm or when cook is here :) 

Original Pork n Pico Tacos        3 for 5.50
Willi B's slowww roasted pork on corn tortillas and melted
cheddar, under Sis' Cabbage Pico and salsa

Snack Attack Chicken Cheddar Wrap        5.00
5oz  specially seasoned chicken breast salad topped with
shredded cheddar in an 8in flour tortilla, sided with
tortilla strips and salsa

WB's Chef Salad        7.00
 If you like processed pressed turkey you won't like ours: real
turkey fresh off the bone, sliced ham, 2 cheeses, cukes, tomato,
boiled egg and red onion topped with WB's homemade croutons...
your choice of WB's ThickRanch, No-equal Bleu Cheese or 
Crushed Red Pepper Honey Mustard Dressings

Cashew Chicken Salad        8.00
Two 5oz scoops of WB's famous chicken salad on bed of Romaine topped with cashews and craisins, tomato, boiled egg.  Best seller list!
Junior Cashew Chick Sal        6.00

Pizza Bread!        5.00
Genoa salami and deli pepperoni on garlic-buttered Village Loaf
halves under browned provolone, side of marinara to
spoon on each bite...enough meat on 4 halves to put on an 
entire pizza!

 Swiss Dip        6.00
Sliced ham on garlic-buttered Village Loaf bread, Jus for dippin', YellowHorse for dabbin'.

Pulled Pork n Cheddar        7.00
Oven toasted garlic-buttered soft Ciabatta bread (that's a
mouthful but wait until you taste it), each half supporting a thick 
slice of melted cheddar to wrap around a generous portion of 
WB's slowww roasted pulled pork, with some of 
WB's Chipotle Honey BBQ for dabbin'...

Italian Hot Ciabatta!        7.00
Garlic-buttered soft Ciabatta buns with Genoa salami and
deli-sliced pepperoni, oven toasted until the provolone browns,
then wrapped with Roma tom and red onion between them...

 Ribeye Dip       8.00  Priced to clear out the freezer!
The most tender and juicy steak meat around, this is thin-sliced right off the roast, reheated in Jus, and set between garlic-buttered toasted
old world baked Village Loaf bread.  Jus for dippin', YellowHorse for dabbin'. This sandie is top-shelf, priced to unload a freezer full of meat.  Best deal in town!

Tortilla strips & salsa included most items
Potato Salad, Cole Slaw add 1.00
Side Garden Salad w/homemade croutons add 2.00

Announcing Take-Out for those who love our food!
we just don't roll over and play dead and wait out some virus
boo!  hiss!  :) 
Call ahead  ​208.331.5666 Take out
Yes it's legal to take-home if
the container has a tamper-proof seal.
$1 deposit please, exchange thereafter :)

All cocktails are 3oz pour (dbl shot) which will make
2 drinks over ice at your home.

Pre-bottled Well Drinks
Vodka/soda/cran        5.00
Moscow Mule        5.00
Screwdriver        5.00
Margarita        7.00
Bloody Mary        5.50
Worlds Greatest White Russian        8.00

Back Bar poured to order
3oz pour (dbl shot) for regular price + $1

Hands-down the best priced food and beverage
take-home menu in town, thank you
for helping us move inventory :) 

Beer Take-Out
Dom Bottles        1.50
Premium Bottles        2.50

32oz Growler Refill
Dom       4.00
Premium       6.00

64oz Growler Refill
Dom         6.00
Premium        10.00