WilliB's Saloon
bunkhouse eatin'... 
fair pricin'
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directions. Open at 11am every day!

Dbl Cheese 
Philly Dip
Avocado Chicken Breast Sal w/Bacon
Full Bar!  Fantastic Food!  Local!
The-DamBest- with-No-Peer- 
Coconut Flake
Carrot Cake
in town!
Drunk Cow
Bread Puddin'
Cheesecake with Huckleberry!

Evening Menu

Yes it's legal to take-home if
the container has a tamper-proof seal.
$1 deposit please, exchange thereafter :)

All cocktails are 3oz pour (dbl shot) which will make
2 drinks over ice at your home.

Pre-bottled Well Drinks
Vodka/soda/cran        5.00
Moscow Mule        5.00
Screwdriver        5.00
Margarita        7.00
Bloody Mary        5.50
Worlds Greatest White Russian        8.00

Back Bar poured to order
3oz pour (dbl shot) for regular price + $1

Hands-down the best priced food and beverage
take-home menu in town, thank you
for helping us move inventory :)