WilliB's Saloon
bunkhouse eatin'... 
fair pricin'
Click Here for map &
directions. Open at 11am every day!

Power Hour:  2.50 well & Dom Drafts! 3.50 Premiums, 1.75 PBR!! 
Amazing 5.95 Lunch Wraps Now Served Through Happy Hour!  (6:30pm)
Also, come try our $1
Happy Hour Appetizer Menu!
 Ladies Lounge and Trivia with Matt on Thursday Nights!!
Drawings, specialty cocktails &
the best trivia in Boise!
The Turkey-Batta!
Discover WB's Incredible Muffaletta Lineup!  New Orleans, WB Style

Dbl Cheese 
Philly Dip
Buck Off Sun: Get Bucked at WB!
$1 Appetizer Menu all day! Power Hour All Day!
Mon:  Monday Madness!
1/2 Price Appetizers all night long!
Tues:  Pork-n-Pico Taco Tuesday!  $1 Tacos!
Wed: Winged Wed!  .50 Wings!
Thurs:  Ladies Lounge Night!
Free App around 5:30! Drawings, Drink Specials!
Fri:   7:30
Sat:    7pm
Avocado Cup Chicken Breast Sal w/Bacon
OMG! Meatball Sand
Village Loaf French Dip 
WilliB's Sandwich Saloon
Jordan Spieth,
2015 Masters Champion!
Full Bar!  Fantastic Food!  Local!
Absolutely the best, no holds barred
Saloon Taco in Town!
Taco Tuesday!!! One Dollar!!!
Pork n Pico Street Tacos, 3 for 4.95!
(1/2 price on Mon-1$ on Tues!-after 4pm)
King of the Muffaletta's!
Only at WB!
Hecktor Pecktor X-factor: X-traordinary talent, X-traordinary band,
X-traordinary people!
The-DamBest- with-No-Peer- 
Coconut Flake
Carrot Cake
in town!
Sarah's Cheesecake of the Week
Oreo Cheesecake!
It's an NBA/NHL Playoff Monday night!
Lunch Specials:
WB's incredible Meatloaf!
Summertime Avocado Chicken Salad
Sp. Sauce Ham n Provolone Burger
WB's Fresh Made & Original:  
Red Potato Ribeye Stew
Todays 5.95 Specials:
Chicken Salad Wrap w/Capers
Drunk Cow
Bread Puddin'
Chocolate Truffle

It's a Playoff Monday night!
NBA or NHL!  Take your pick!

Have you heard about our
$1 Appetizer items? 4:30 til 6:30!
All day Sat till 6:30 and 
all day Sunday!

Today's Lunch Special: 
 WB's Incredible! Meatloaf
Sp. Sauce Ham n Provolone Burg
Summertime Avo Chicken Salad

Check out our original 
Gourmet Burgers
and  hot soups!

Gourmet Burgers:
WB's Philly Burger w/Provolone!
BBQ Cheddar Bacon!
Congressional Burger!
Bleu Turf Bronco Burger!
Avocado Cheddar Burger!

1/2 French Dip w/Provolone
only 6.50!

5.95! Wraps today till 6:30:
Chicken Salad w/Capers

Make a spring day awesome with:
WB's own fresh made
Red Potato Ribeye Stew
only 6.50!
but as a side: FREE

Watch Major League Baseball and NBA/NHL Playoffs
on 12 screens!

PGA:  Congratulations
Jordan Spieth, Masters Champion!
Troy Merritt leads Harbourtown!

Nascar! Jimmy Johnson takes 
Duck Commander 500
Next race: Bristol, Sun 19 @ 11am

Pork n pico Street Tacos!:Today 4:30 til 6:30! 3 for 3.00!
Oven Roasted Crushed Red Pepper HoneyMustard Glaze Chicken Wings!  : Today 4:30 til 6:30! Six for 3.00!

Free Live Music most weekends!  
Why risk going downtown?

Sunday Power Hour!  
All Day All Night Free Popcorn
3.50 Premium draft, 2.50 Well and Domestics, 1.75 PBR,
3.50 Salmon Creek Wine!
and did we mention free popcorn?

Official Seahawk Hub for Boise!

Join @ Seahawks12s of Idaho-Boise on
Tonight:   1/2 Price Appetizers all night long!